You can order Miss D's cookies by emailing, or by clicking the "order online" tab above! Just tell how many cookies you want and which kind (minimum of 4 cookies per kind). Custom ordering for events, both small and large, can also be done! 

Purchasing & Pricing

Local Markets and Events

Buy Miss D's cookies in person at local events in the Phoenix, AZ area! Keep checking back for schedule updates!


You can order Miss D's cookies by calling or texting 313-623-8702. Custom orders for events, both small and large, can also be done! This is the best option if you have a detailed order or an order that needs to be done in sooner than 4 days. 

Miss D's accepts both cash and credit card orders (Square and PayPal)

Each of Miss D's Cookies are an 1/8th of a pound! The prices for these large and delicious cookies are:

 4 for $6 .  8 for $12  .  12 for $18  .  16 for $22  .  24 for $32

Please note: Prices include all handling fees, but do not include shipping/delivery fees. Shipping fees will depend on the amount ordered and the shipping location.

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